Health Science Teacher Training

You have several options to offer a Health Science program in your school:

  • Teacher Training for science and/or health enhancement teachers;
  • Project Lead the Way (PLTW) Biomedical Science program;
  • MT Digital Academy option -“Introduction to Health Careers” course

Teacher Training

In Montana, all health science teachers participate in a one week training program.

Your teachers will gain:

  • A thorough understanding of the health care workforce and workforce needs
  • Business and industry perspectives of workforce skills
  • Curriculum alignment with Post-secondary
  • Post-secondary programs for allied health, pre-med and professional programs at 4 yr institutions(guest faculty have a panel discussion with teachers)
  • Every teacher receives a thumb drive of:
    • Supplemental Curriculum that is based on the 11 National Health Care Foundation Standards that is licensed to your school.  The Standards are explained in detail and examples of lessons are modeled
    • Inter-disciplinary/integrated lesson planning is discussed and reviewed with sample lesson plans
    • Scope and sequencing for Intro to Health Careers and Human Body systems
    • Activities and lesson plans
    • Work-based Learning and Service-Learning ideas
  • Course sequencing is reviewed- Intro to Computing(as a foundation course, but not taught by HS teacher; Intro to Health Careers; Human Body Systems(small schools can substitute A & P); then courses vary at different schools )EMT, Nursing Assisting, Sports Med, Case Studies, or online collegiate coursework
  • Perkins legislation/funding is discussed and mandatory compliance areas are planned
  • State CTE funding and Participation Reports are explained
  • HOSA as a CTSO is discussed as an integrated piece of the health science curriculum
  • Timeline for pulling together school administration to support health science, classroom speakers, classroom strategies and health science endorsement paperwork reviewed