High School

Montana, and the nation as a whole, is facing a healthcare workforce shortage. Currently, there are not enough healthcare providers to support the growing population. It is estimated that 3.8 million new healthcare jobs will open by 2024. To address this issue, healthcare “pipeline” programs across the nation are building groups of students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare. Part of the mission of the South Central Montana Area Health Education Center (SCMT AHEC) is to develop programs to address the workforce shortage and to encourage students to pursue careers in healthcare.

How can your local AHEC help you?

Educators – AHECs are available to support your students as they explore careers in healthcare. We can offer a variety of programs including, career presentations, attending local career/health fairs, REACH camps or other activities that you think would be beneficial for your students.

Students – Whether you have specific career questions in mind, are looking for training programs or want to learn more about healthcare in general, AHEC professionals are willing and able to provide you with the information that you need.

AHECs can help you through the entire process of launching a healthcare career – from the search for the right school/program, right until you get a job in the field you love!

One of the most valuable resources we can offer you is experience. We can expose you to various healthcare careers and academic enhancement to better prepare you for a specific health career training program.