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South Central Montana AHEC

The South Central Montana Area Health Education Center (AHEC) serves eleven counties in the south central region of Montana and is one of four regional offices in the state.  The South Central AHEC is a grant funded program that is affiliated with MHA...An Association of Health Care Providers.  The mission of the office is to recruit, train and retain a health professions work force committed to rural and underserved populations.

We work with students of all ages, encouraging them to pursue careers in the high skill, high pay and high demand healthcare industry.  Our programming provides students with career exploration resources and opportunities to further their healthcare knowledge.  We also work with over 65 medical facilities statewide as well as colleges and universities across the country to help place interested health professionals throughout Montana.

Programs developed will focus on three major objectives and activities: 

  1. Encourage youth from underserved areas/populations to pursue health careers
  2. Encourage health professionals to select employment in rural/underserved areas
  3. Provide countinuing education/CME to health professionals employed in rural/underserved areas


"Connecting students to healthcare careers, profesionals to communities and communities to better health."

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